Planting Hidden Seeds

Mentoring young Christian scholars and future leaders is the focus of the Hidden Seeds Program sponsored by the Comenius Institute (CI) in Prague, Czech Republic. This program, established by IICS professors in the mid-1990s has been successful in assisting several Christian academics and leaders in their development. CI, led by IICS professor Dr. Tom Johnson, provides spiritual accountability, discipleship, mentoring, and financial assistance for young scholars as they pursue their graduate degrees. IICS Teaching Fellows provide a mature perspective and wise counsel for these scholars who have so much potential.

Dr. Bill Miller, another IICS professor who works with CI, explains that the name “Hidden Seeds” comes from an expression used by Jan Comenius, an innovative and prolific Christian scholar from the seventeenth century who isconsidered to be the father of modern education. Comenius prayed that God would preserve the seeds of truth he had sown through his teaching—seeds that someday would sprout into great trees of righteousness. Though the seeds may be hidden and the work discouraging, with God’s help, they will bear great fruit in the future. Several Christian scholars who have been mentored by IICS professors are now in key positions of leadership and influence in Central Europe.

Dr. Jan Habl, a professor and pastor who was mentored in the Hidden Seeds Program recently published a book on insights from Jan Comenius, Lessons From Humanity. The cover of the book shows Habl reading to his young son. You can learn more about the work of IICS professors and the Comenius Institute at

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