Global Notes From Teaching Fellows

Professor in a Muslim Country
“Several Muslim colleagues and I spend time discussing matters of faith. I have been using some ministry strategies gained from attending a small group of Christians here. What I have been doing is using the Quran to lead them to the cross. I have been pushed and challenged in many ways.”

Granville Pillar (PhD, linguistics), Hungary
“Recently, I sang and spoke in a city-wide crusade presenting the Gospel for three nights in our city here in Hungary. More than 600 people attended each night. Praise God! God’s presence was deeply felt.”

Angela DiCostanzo (MA, TESL), Cambodia
“This week I had the opportunity to visit the notorious neighborhood of Svay Pak, once a center of child prostitution. A former brothel has been transformed into a community center called Rahab’s House, and a Cambodian pastor and his family now live and minister there. At the kids club at Rahab’s House, we led over 100 children in praise songs and translated the story of the lost sheep. It was a beautiful sight. Yet the pastor informed us that a few of the little girls at the kids club are being sold for prostitution. Their protection was his only prayer request. I’m also writing the curriculum materials for English classes training young women rescued from the horrors of being trafficked. It is a great joy to see these young women receiving the gifts of education and dignified labor.”

Bill Clark (PhD, forestry), Bulgaria
“I shared my office last year with a new faculty who had received his PhD in the States. As is usual during first meetings, he asked me what brought me to Bulgaria. I told him that part of the reason I was in Bulgaria was to help people who are interested in knowing God better. He told me he had met some Christians when he was in the US and was impressed by their lives. He had never read the Bible and had lots of questions. We started meeting regularly to read and discuss the Bible. We also talked about many other things. By the middle of the spring semester, he was identifying himself as a follower of Christ!”

Roger Conaway (PhD, business communication), Mexico
Recently, I had the opportunity to share the gospel with a business law student and she received Christ. Here’s how it happened. Maria was a student in my international negotiations course. The subject of religion came up in a conversation one day after class and she asked me about “my religion.” To help answer some of her questions, I gave her a copy of Tim Keller’s excellent book, The Reason for God, in English. She connected with it a bit, but about a month later, I gave her Billy Graham’s booklet, Steps to Peace with God in Spanish. We talked about it the next couple of days and I addressed many of her questions. I could tell she was under conviction by the Holy Spirit. Later in my office, after we prayed, Maria received Christ into her heart. We rejoiced, and we now are working on follow-up.

In Mexico, we live in a culture beset with corruption and violence. So we identify with what Dana Cole, a former Christian school teacher who now teaches in the Watts district of Los Angeles, said, “It is so much more fun to be light in the darkness than to be light in the light.”

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